Birthday Present

Last week, February 20, 2013 was Laurell K Hamilton’s birthday. Those of you who follow her Anita Blake and/or Merry Gentry books will know who I am talking about. On that day, she gave all of her faithful followers and readers a Birthday Present. Posted on her blog were two chapters from her upcoming book Affliction which will to be available July 2, 2013. Laurell is a prolific writer, but we are a greedy group and want books faster and faster…can never get enough of Anita and her men.

I will not get into depth about these chapters or even Laurell’s many books in her Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series. I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who did not know about this wonderful gift and for those of you who might be interested in her take on the whole Vampire scene — she was doing Vampires and Were’s before everyone jumped on the band wagon — still is the best out there for this genre in my opinion.

These two chapters did make the wait a bit easier, but they also made me count down the months before the new book could be in my hands and/or on my Kindle Fire. Her latest Kiss the Dead is one of her best.

If you have NEVER read an Anita Blake book (what planet are you living on), please begin at the beginning because in this series …background building is very necessary. Her first book is titled Guilty Pleasures and lays the ground work for the other 20.

To get the rundown on this series and the Merry Gentry (faeries) series as well please go to the following link on her website:

If you missed her Birthday Present, it can be found at this link on her site, My Birthday, Your Present:

Just a word of warning…this is not about the shiny vampires from Twilight. These are hard-core, bad ass vampires who will follow you home and eat you. Also, be warned that LKH is a master of good sex scenes. So…if you are the least bit squeamish regarding blood, guts, gore, fighting to the death and a bit of ummm…shall I say kinky sex, these books may not be for you. However, you never know what might hook you to a new author, so please give her a try. Her writing never disappoints me!

Always, I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE. Tonight…Love is snuggling between my two favorite weres!

As Ever,


First Posted 2/26/13