Dessert First!

Dinner was all planned, the table was set to perfection, wine chilling, and the shrimp scampi would be finished after Dale walked in the door. Veggies in the microwave waiting to be steamed at the last-minute, perfect. That man is so easy to cook for…we both love seafood, especially shrimp so I know I can’t go wrong there. Tonight’s shrimp is the very last of the fresh shrimp he brought from the coast, so I know it will be excellent.

I turn when the door opens and there he is, my breath catches every time I see his face. Time to start the veggies. Just as I move to the microwave, Dale takes me in his arms. He is one of the “best” kissers I have ever known, and he proceeds to share that well honed craft immediately. One kiss leads to another and another, before we know it, dessert is being served.

Finally, we were ready for dinner, but those special shrimp were never going to be as good as what we first shared for dessert.

Always I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE.

As Ever, Annie

© 2013 Annie Original Fiction First posted 2/3/13