La Nuit

La Nuit — the night! There has always been something strange and mysterious yet compelling and sensuous about night-time for me. I love the dark. Living in a rural area, the dark and night-time means I can see stars that no one else can see like I can. La Nuit to me also mean things black, shadowy, and a bit naughty.

Below is a series of poems I have written that deal with either the night, dark things, or the color black. Please, sit back with your favorite beverage and become lost in La Nuit.

Source: Photography by Beth Mitchamore *Accompaning poem on this page

Source: Photography by Beth Mitchamore *accompanying poem on this page

A blanket of stars welcomes the new Moon

Languid Southern Nights ~ silky things ~ slow caresses ~ deep kisses ~ and dreams of you

Black silk negligee slipping open ~ Champagne flute in hand ~ he feeds her strawberries dipped in the darkest richest chocolate

Raven hair ~ glowing Alabaster skin ~ black silk negligee ~ she waits for you in the moonlight ~ with star-shine in her eyes

Black Silk nightgown sliding over smooth skin ~ dropping a strap slowly one at a time ~ she presents herself in Moon glow ~ the choice is all his

Stripping off my black stockings one by one ~ you slowly tie my arms to the headboard ~ unconditional surrender

Silky black wisps leave a trail like rose petals to the door. Candlelight leads the way. Will he follow? The choice a continuing mystery.

Ceiling fan lazily moves the humid air ~ twilight ~ your hands leave fingerprints ~ all over me

Watching the Moon rise over pounding waves ~ reminds us of things yet to be

Strong South wind ~ blowing the Stars around ~ the Moon weeps

Your midnight blue eyes ~ and ~ long trailing black hair ~ make me slowly lose my mind

Moonless night ~ even the stars ~ cannot shine bright enough

A blanket of stars ~ like glistening tears ~ shrouds the night

A spray of stars across the sky ~ leads to the dark shadows of my heart

Sweet dreams ~ soft sleepy sighs ~ chasing moonlight and star shine ~ until I find you

Suspended moonlight ~ not quite touching the ground ~ leaves us shadowed, private, intimate ~ free in our love

Misty skies cover the crescent moon ~ creating an illusion of softness in the night

*That Crescent Moon hanging on by a thread ~ illuminates ~ this one star night (Written specifically for Beth’s photo.)

(All poetry is copyright protected and the sole property of the blog owner. Use with permission only.)

Always, I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE. Hopefully, these short poems brought you a bit of all four.

As Ever, Annie

First Posted 2/15/13