Only A Dream

This could not be happening! It was the middle of the day…nightmares are supposed to take place after midnight when all the creepy crawlies show themselves in the dark and shadows.

So…why am I seeing that thing with the red eyes and really scary grin walking toward me like it is a daily stroll. I don’t know whether to keep walking and ignore this thing, be polite and say “Hi, how are you!” like I do when I meet everyone on my daily five-mile walk in the park or…RUN screaming like a banshee in the other direction hoping that thing will not catch me. It looks hungry and I do not have plans to be anyone’s or anything’s dinner any time soon.

Suddenly, a herd of what can only be called ‘Storm Troopers’ appear…they told me ever so impolitely to move my ass because they had ‘government’ business to attend to and I was in their way. I almost felt sorry for the ‘thing’ as they surrounded it and proceeded to taser it unmercifully.

The ‘thing’ looked at me with those pleading red eyes as it crumpled slowly to the ground. Would I be next?

What? What is going on? Suddenly, Dale is shaking me. “Are you ok?” he screamed at me. I have been trying to wake you for about ten minutes, but all you do is scream every time I touch you!”

I looked around. We are in my park and sitting under the tree where I always do a cool down after my daily walk. “How did you find me?” I asked, still not really comprehending what had happened. It seemed so real, but no Storm Troopers and no ‘thing’ with red eyes anywhere to be seen. He decided I was in shock and tried to get me to tell him what happened. I just could not make my brain work to even tell him what I witnessed — or did I?

Finally he said, “Don’t you remember, we were supposed to meet here when you finished your walk and I completed my run?
When I got here, you were sleeping in the grass screaming your head off…and I could not get you to wake up!”

This piece of flash fiction is the result of today’s Writing practice topic: It was a daydream.

Always I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE.

As Ever, Annie

First Posted 2/28/13