Reckless Abandon

Let me begin with, I was a good girl until I was old enough to know better. That is when my inner wild child came out and I did things I should have done as a teenager or very young adult if I had been reckless back then!

Probably the most reckless I ever was when I knew better, was one summer in the mid 80s ( I think) old age doesn’t allow for memories of dates…but place and activities I can remember. Anyway, a friend and I decided a much-needed afternoon at the lake was in order. Being in education, I had summer freedom. She had a couple of days off and we intended to have that much-needed fun!

We packed her car with those awesome French floats that were clear on the top and a sliver reflective undercarriage that was supposed to help even out our tans. They also had a series of depressions that added to the overall comfort of the float, but had another much used feature…a can or bottle fit perfectly in those depressions without spilling as you floated away blissfully on the water.

On the way to the lake, we stopped for adult liquid refreshment. Neither of us was in the mood for beer that afternoon. What we wanted were Margarita’s…but no way to make them at the lake (no premades in those days). Being the clever girls we were…soon we had a plan. Two four packs of our favorite Bartles & James coolers and two half-pints of Jose` and we were on our way. We also bought some Cokes, bottled water and ice to chill our afternoon refreshment. We were seasoned party girls and knew how to space our booze with water and Cokes!

There was a little secluded cove on the far side of the lake where we liked to go and just float the afternoon away. Rains had been plentiful that Summer and our usually shallow floating spot was full to overflowing. Water up to the bank edge. We didn’t have to pick our way through rocks to get to the water that day.

Our favorite music on the boom box powered by the car battery, floats aired to capacity and comfort, B&J in one holder, Jose` in another…we just glided into the water without even a step off the bank. We had a lovely afternoon of floating, drinking, singing along, and tanning. When we were drowsy, relaxed and much browner than earlier in the afternoon it was time to pack up and head home. Neither of us had reached our alcohol level — too much for me meant my two front teeth became numb and her forehead would get numb in the middle. A slight buzz, but still under the limit…no numbness for either of us.

On the way home talking about getting pizza and a movie to round out the day, we looked at each other and at the same time said … “OMG — we could have drowned in that deep water!” Thinking about what could have happened had one of us slipped off a float and the other panicked gave us goose-flesh for a long time. Talk about sobering up in a hurry (and we were not anywhere close to being drunk)! Both of us were and still are excellent swimmers, but we were beyond reckless that day and dodged not only a bullet or two, but maybe a major artillery attack!

Right there, on the way home, we vowed to NEVER drink and float again!

Always, I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE. Remember, you don’t have to be young to be reckless, but if you are, use common sense while having a good time.

As Ever, Annie

First Posted 2/24/13