The Vacation

Looking out over Jackson Square, I still couldn’t believe where I was. Of all the cities we have visited in our travels, this is my very favorite. We have so much to see and do, but exhaustion is in charge today. I check on Robert and he is still dead to the world. We arrived on the final flight last night and the airport was deserted completely by the time we found our luggage. Thank goodness the downtown shuttle was still running.

Cafe du Monde is within walking distance … so, I decide to go over and pick up coffee and beignets for breakfast. A quick brush of my hair, lip gloss, shorts and flip flops and I am out the door. What an absolutely beautiful Summer day! The river mist has lifted, the air is cool with a hint of the humidity that will melt iron later in the day, and the smell of cafe au lait is in the air.

The take out line is short and I am in luck. Requesting two large cafe au lait’s and a dozen beignets I looked around the area. What unbelievable luck, we are going to be here for two weeks…heaven! Coffee and beignets are ready and it is time to find my way back to our condo.

Pushing the door open, there he is, standing there on the balcony overlooking the square. Soft sunlight is filtering through the open door creating a golden halo all around Robert’s body. I fell in love all over again! Putting down my Cafe du Monde treasures, I walk slowly to the balcony. Suddenly, he turns, pulls me into his arms and snuggles me under his chin nuzzling my hair. “Ummm, you smell like New Orleans, he said.”

“Oh, thank God you are back! At first I thought you left me, then I looked out the French Doors and there you were walking from the cafe. You had a childlike look of wonder on your face as you watched people and birds on Jackson Square. Unaware that I was following you with my eyes and heart, you hugged yourself, giggled and turned toward the condo.” he told me.

“Don’t ever change! My heart wouldn’t know what to do if you decided to grow up and be someone you are not.” Robert said.

I just hugged him and said, “Happy Birthday Baby. I worked really hard making beignets and coffee from breakfast.”

Originally Posted 2/1/13

© 2013 Annie Original Fiction