For me, twilight has always been a magical time…so much going on…so much to see in such a short time. If you blink, the entire view changes!

Not long ago while I was in my backyard after feeding the hellcats, I witnessed the most amazing twilight. There was night a cloud in the sky (no the picture to the left is not that night — did not get a picture), warm gentle breezes were playing around my face. It was an evening that calls you to starry for the first star to appear and get the celestial party started.

The sun was just below the horizon and cast a ring of the brightest pink to the four corners…North, South, East and West. My entire world was circled at the horizon … the Quarters were positively glowing. What magic! What wonder! Nature’s beauty and a gift too soon gone.

When I was a child, my Mom and I would go outside and look for the first star of the evening. This was the first Nursery Rhyme she taught me and one that always gave me hope that the magic of that first star and the night would grant me my fondest desire and deepest wish! On Friday nights, we would often sit outside in the Spring and Summer looking at the night sky waiting for my Father to come home for the weekend.

Starlight, Star Bright

Star Bright
The first start
I see tonight
I wish I may
I wish I might
Have this wish
I wish tonight

British Rhyme

This is the version my Mother taught me. There are definitely others that you know with just a word or two that is different.

I know first stars and falling stars are not the same…but falling stars have special meaning to me. I will share that at another time. This particular Perry Como song was the first song I learned to sing from my little red battery operated turn table. It was on my mind and I just had to share it with this writing.

Ahhh…there it is just now, that first star of the evening. Excuse me while I take time to make my wish!

I blinked and you were there ~ a mystery of the night ~ the first star shining just for me ~ giving me a twinkle to let me know my wish will come true©

Always I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE.

As Ever, Annie

First Posted 2/27/13