Valentine’s Eve

Back right after the Earth cooled, I was a young child in the 6th grade. Having spent most of my childhood with chronic appendicitis, I was very aware of pain in the belly. Doctors always told us when I would have an attack, that nothing could be done until my appendix went ‘HOT’. As a child, I had no clue what that meant…just another of those terms that only adults knew and never explained to children. Of course, with no explanation, I constantly thought that my belly would burst into flames when my appendix became ‘HOT’. Adults need to realize, that withholding information, children with their wild and vivid imaginations worry needlessly about things they do not understand. Adults think not telling children what things really mean will keep them from worrying and protect them…what a vicious cycle!

Anyway, the night before Valentine’s Day of my 6th grade year, that damned appendix went ‘HOT’ in a big way. Instead of getting to collect all sorts of cool cards from everyone the next day, I was in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery. I will not go into any of the gory details, but this was the most embarrassed I had ever been in my life and thought some dark and devilish Cupid had done me in.

Several friends came to visit after school on Valentine’s Day, brought me my cards … at least we had been putting them in the huge decorated box for over a week so my cards were at school and made their way to everyone as my cards made their way to me. Still groggy from the anesthesia, I was not the best hostess and soon fell asleep before my friends were ready to end the visit…so my cards were ohhed and ahhed over the next day when I finally could keep my eyes open longer than five minutes.

A week in the hospital followed by five more a home nearly killed me being away from friends. I could not stand being away, however, during the surgery, other complications were discovered that required a more lengthy recovery than normally would have happened with getting that little unnecessary piece of flesh removed from my belly. This lengthy absence also created math issues for me that I did not overcome until I became an adult. Such is life…and they kicker was the doctor would not give me my appendix in a bottle of formaldehyde like my cousin Allen received when his had to be removed. This REALLY ticked me off because I had major plans to show it off for gross out factor at school.


My doctor was funny
Suggesting that due to the day
My incision should be heart-shaped

We all laughed
Then he said with total seriousness,
“I will make it very low, slightly curved
and tiny so you can still wear a
Always, I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE.
As Ever, Annie

This was first posted 2/13/13