My original Micropoetry

My original Micropoetry

Rather than make New Year’s Resolutions, I always give myself a challenge. This year the challenge is to work on the craft of writing. To me writing is never finished, there is always something to add, tweak, rewrite or just throw out each time you return to a piece of writing before you determine it is “publishable”.

To hone my craft, I am using A Writer’s Book of Days: A Spirited Companion & Lively Muse for the Writing Life written by Judy Reeves. Much like a daily devotional with a lesson for living, this book provides a short lesson about writing, ‘spirited and lively’ quotes from famous writers, and a topic of the day to spark your inspiration.

There are two editions of this book, and ever a glutton for punishment, I am writing to the topic of the day from each book…yes, they are very different. I am keeping a different journal of my writing for each book as well. A challenge I added, is to try to find some kernel, some nugget that will lead me to a poem.

The topic for January 7th in the original edition was:
Once, when no one was looking ….

Below, is what I wrote to this topic for my second Writing Practice of the day:

I really love this topic…I can go cute or completely evil. Cute won the coin toss today!



I was about two years old when we lived in Jarrell, Texas. One of my dearest treasures was the cutest white patent oblong purse. Now in the mid 50s, little girls were dressed to the nines at all times in the South. I, for the life of me do not remember the dress, but I am sure it had lace and ruffles with at least two petticoats to make it stand at attention. To complete this ensemble, white patent Mary Jane’s, ruffled socks and of course THAT purse.

Off we went one morning to the grocery store. My Mom did her shopping thing while I entered my life of crime — shoplifting. No one paid attention to cute little kids — so when I saw the that Hershey’s chocolate bar, sized it up and realized it was a perfect fit for that white purse, the deed was done and so was my Mom. Buggie singing that whoppity whop they did back then, she went to the checkout, chit chatted with her friend who worked as the cashier and back we went to the car for the trip home.

Why I decided the trip home was the appropriate time to unveil my chocolate treasure, I don’t know…but, out it came and I began the unwrapping process. Well, this certainly diverted my Mom’s attention from her driving because she knew there were NO Hershey’s chocolate bars purchased on her end of this trip.

“Where did you get that?” she asked.

“The store,” I replied

“Did you pay for it?” she continued her interrogation of the thief. (I always had a single dollar bill in that white purse and she knew it.)

“NO!” I said knowing I was busted.

Let the ass chewing begin…and did it lasting ALL the way home. Mom took the groceries inside, put them away never stopping to breathe and all the time letting me know the depth of her displeasure regarding my thievery.

The next thing I knew, she marched me back to the car, returned at warp speed to the grocery store, marched my petticoated behind up the steps and through the screen door of the grocery store.


I had to confess my theft and shamefully offer my crumpled chocolate coated dollar bill in effort to redeem myself as a thief.

This incident was my one and only theft or crime of any type for that matter (other than a speeding ticket during the time I owned a red sports car). Writing this, I remember the day just like it happened this morning and I am … well, I don’t confess everything!

The poem written across the chocolate rose was done the week before Christmas for one of my new teachers. A tiny little thing who loves and lives for chocolate.

Copyright © 2013 Annie – Original Nonfiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

Original Publication 1/8/2013


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