Moonbeams was originally posted on December 27, 2012, on the following site: I maintain this blog as well and will at times, bring something from the past there to the future here.

December 27, 2012:
Last night I was visiting with a friend on Twitter, going on and on about how wonderful my new iPad Mini was and how I was amazed that it was delivered on Boxing Day just as scheduled. During that conversation, he asked me about the camera. The camera…that was the only feature I had not really explored. I took my leisure during the afternoon setting up everything I wanted for now, downloading APPs, pulling favorite music from the cloud to the built-in iPod, but due to the biting cold, I had not gone outside to play with the camera. Never to back down from a challenge, I bundled up and went into the backyard. With the Moon nearly full, that was my choice of subjects to break in the camera feature. Below is the picture, somewhat altered to suit me, of that first camera shot. I call it Moonbeams because of the rays captured.

Source: Annie's Images Taken with iPad Mini December 27, 2012.

Source: Annie’s Images
Taken with iPad Mini December 27, 2012.

As I walked back to the house, the above words filled my head. Now, I am not the most gifted poet, but I do enjoy collecting words into thoughts to express my feelings. I had to get these words on paper as soon as possible…or they would be gone…drifting into my consciousness fleeting and brief never to be remembered. Yes, I am a bit of a romantic when it comes to poetry and do get emotional reading and writing poems.

My poem brought to mind one written by Kellie Elmore, a small town East Tennessee girl. I remembered reading and loving Sedate the Dawn from her collection titled Magic in the Backyard.

Sedate the Dawn

Kellie Elmore

sedate the dawn
so she may sleep in
leaving us alone
with the night
in her lucent kiss
that charms our hearts
with entrancing spells
of love
and dreams

Thank you Kellie for being a friend and sharing this amazing collection of short stories and poetry based on your life growing up in rural East Tennessee. Many times as I read something from Magic in the Backyard, I feel like you are sitting just over my right shoulder observing my life as a child in rural Central Texas. Your words are touching and inspiring…something I turn to often when the day seems just to difficult to walk through and keep my sanity. I pick up my Kindle, go to your book and choose a piece at random…always feeling better when the reading is complete.

Musical Muse for today’s writing…another great Texan and country girl…Kelly Clarkson. Her song People Like Us is something of an anthem for me…it provides hope through change…which is difficult at best for most of us.


I wish each of you blessings, joy, peace but most of all LOVE.

Always ~ Annie

Continued Holiday Blessings as we look toward the New Year.

First posted 1/17/2013


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