No Goodbyes

That soft fall day held no surprises, those would come later.

The visit once again had come to an end. A very good one … shopping in Pittsburg, long drives along the river enjoying the fall scenery, a couple of visits to reclamation areas to view the turning of the leaves. There were colors I didn’t even know occurred in nature. Southeastern Ohio really does have four seasons and fall is at it’s best this year.

Too soon it is time for the drive to Pittsburg and the airport. One last look around for forgotten things and we are out the door already planning our next time together. This next trip will be when you travel South. We set dates and are already missing each other long before we get to the airport.

Plenty of time before boarding to continue our visit about this trip … how wonderful it had been, creating lasting memories, a camera full of fall pictures. As always, our time together had gone much too quickly.

The announce is made, carry on, boarding pass and coat in hand we embrace and kiss one last time. I know you will stand at the broad expanse of windows to wait for “push back” before going to the parking garage. Then, you will park where you can see the runway and watch until my plane is airborne.

Flying South, I imagine your drive home and planning my call that will let you know I had made it safely once again with my feet on Texas ground.

Home! Everything left in the foyer until after I make the call … no answer on either your home or cell phones. Puzzled, I leave a quick voicemail on each. Perhaps you had been called back to work and didn’t have time to let me know.

Taking my things upstairs to once again return my life to Texas time, the ringing phone startled me. Ah, there he is!

On the other end a strange voice asking if they had reached the number and person found on an emergency card. I answered, “Yes?” The next thing I heard, “We regret to inform you…”.


Don’t tell me Goodbye~tell me “later”~”soon”~”until next time”~NEVER goodbye~that word is all to final.

This Flash Fiction piece is a compilation of events in my life. The accident did not occur as written but lent itself to this piece. However, a work related accident did take the love of my life. Remember, fiction always has a small nugget of truth regardless of how happy or sad.

Always, I wish you peace, joy, and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE.

As Ever, Annie

First Published 1/24/2013


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