Stretching, I woke to a lovely day, one that would be peaceful and quiet. Jeff and I had all the time in the world today, just for each other. Looking up, at the same time we began pulling all the covers off the bed. I ran to the dining room and pulled all eight chairs away from the table and arranged them just so. We grabbed all the quilts and blankets and extras from the linen closet. Soon we had a cozy hideaway…a tent of sorts created with our drapings, pillows and covers.

A trip to the kitchen for goodies … strawberries, champagne, whipped cream and of course dark chocolate. Jeff brought out the iPod and turned on our favorite music.

Tongues and hands begin a reunion as we explore each other…remembering when love was new and we lived with wild abandon. Today was ours…NO TV…NO phone…and don’t even think about answering the doorbell should it ring…that was NOT on the agenda.

Hours later, our joy and love shared more times than either of us could count, quilts, pillows, bed covers and jammies all tangled as we sleep…dreaming the same dream…counting the minutes for round two…three…four….

All too soon, evening arrives. Everything is returned to its proper place and no traces of our tent can be found. There is a required appearance for dinner at 8:00 pm…no exceptions. We kiss one last kiss, hug and tell each other how nice we clean up when we must.

Smiling, hand in hand, we enter the banquet hall. Well wishes received, seated at the head table…the toasts start all around! You turn, kiss me and our celebration begins…what a wonderful 50 years it has been! We giggle remembering our day and our tent.

Tent is an example of Flash Fiction which was born from this morning’s Writing Practice. I am enjoying the exploration of this writing style and hope you enjoyed reading this short piece.

Always, I wish you peace, joy and happines, but most of all I wish you LOVE. Love is ageless, timeless and knows no boundaries!

As Ever, Annie

First Published 1/23/2013


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