The Monday After

Usually Monday’s are rather stressful, and the Monday after a two-week break should have been even more stressful. However, today has been laid back and very peaceful. A nice surprise was that I did not have 7:00am grade level meetings today and will not have them for the rest of the week. This gives all of us a chance to regroup, reorganize and get back into the swing of things on a demanding Elementary Campus with a bit of leisure.

It has been nice today to take care of the normal administrivia usually relegated to “after school” hours during the day with no pressures and no time limits. Being able to casually look through “stacks” to determine which need immediate attention, which can wait, and which need to make their way to “file 13” and forgotten.

Unexpectedly, I was included in an interview to fill a vacancy in 3rd grade. With the end of the first semester, one of our 5th grade teachers resigned and a 3rd grade teacher was moved into that vacant spot. Thus, the need to hire a new 3rd grade teacher. The young lady interviewed was a gem, came highly recommended, and the position offered…now the waiting begins for her to accept. It is difficult at best to hire someone to fit into an established grade level, but even more difficult at this time of year. Fingers are crossed that she will accept because we are all excited about welcoming her to our little family.

On a sadder note, one staff member lost her brother-in-law after Christmas. it is always difficult to lose family, but during any holiday that makes things even harder to accept. Comfort for the family that he is no longer in pain. Hugs in the hallway are all the communication needed to show love and caring for this loss.

All of us wanted a little extra time, but we are happy to be back together. Lots of hugs, I missed you, I love you, how was your break, did you get some R&R have been shared all day. We really are a family here, sometimes a bit crazy, sometimes a bit dysfunctional, but family none the less.

If I have to be back at work after the luxury of an extended holiday, there is no better place to be than right where I am among caring friends and co-workers.

The video below says it all … I am so grateful and thankful to have a wonderful work family and I need to express that much more.

The Musical Muse is Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah with the lovely Alexandra Burke’s vocal arrangement.

As always, I wish you joy and peace, but most of all I wish you LOVE.


Original Publication 1/7/2013


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