Poems from My Southern Side – Micropoetry

Texas Childhood Memories

Chasing fireflies on a hot summer night ~ fresh homemade peach ice cream ~ my Mother’s eyes in the starlight

Summer morning ~ gentle breeze fluttering curtains ~ sharing breakfast smells ~ bacon ~ coffee ~ hot biscuits ~ heaven

Lonely kitchen table ~ he sits staring out the window ~ as coffee cools in his cup

Brushing off his suit ~ she remembers ~ another time ~ and finally cries

A cameo brooch ~ Sappire necklace ~ RailRoad pocket watch ~ and a gold ring ~ she review their life together 

My deeply imbedded Southern roots ~ shaped who I am today ~ open minded and independent ~ we aren’t called Steel Magnolias for nothing

Momma said ~ be strong ~ independent ~ and loving ~ always a Southern Lady first ~ but there will be times ~ even a Lady just has to ~ CUSS


Southern Childhood Memories – South Alabama

A dainty Southern Belle ~ she grew up hard ~ yet maintained her dignity ~ in the face of adversity

Standing next to the church’s flowing well ~ Daddy hold me high over the bubbling water ~ that first sweet icy taste on my tongue ~ time to go uphill to see Grandma

Sitting on the sand ~ shaded by the grape arbor ~ stirring the sand ~ chanting ~ doodle bug doodle bug

Early morning mist in the pines ~ my Grandmother sways as she ~ sweeps patterns in the yard sand

Stoking an early morning fire ~ Lizzie starts the day ~ cooking breakfast on her prized cast iron stove

Water dipper hanging by the kitchen sink ~ waiting to soothe a parched throat ~ and cool us down from playing outside

The plants nearly taller than me ~ Kate taught me how to pick the right leaves ~ prepare them properly to eat ~ Poke Salad ~ a Southern delicacy ~ that can prove deadly

Exploring the outbuildings ~ the perfect rolled top trunk sits ~ waiting for me ~ in the abandoned wash-house

Flowing well fed swimming pool ~ under the pines ~ trampolines to warm us up ~ before returning to the freezing water

Playing King of the Mountain ~ sliding down dried corn in the crib ~ my cousin and I are in SO much trouble

Early morning ~ front porch ~ rocking chairs in the cool breeze ~ shelling fresh picked cream peas

Lunch finished ~ kitchen clean ~ a brightly flowered tablecloth covering leftovers ~ waiting for a cold supper

Christmas Eve night ~ icy wind ~ picking fresh tangerines ~ to eat by the fire while stringing popcorn

© 2013 Annie Original Poetry

Just a few of my childhood memories…my parents, paternal grandmother, her housekeeper, my Dad’s sisters and one of my cousins. Growing up a first generation Texan on my Father’s side and only four generations from Ireland on my Mother’s, their lives were surprisingly similar during their childhood which in turn shaped mine.

Always, I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.

As Ever, Annie