Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 2.7 – Falling Leaves

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

Falling Leaves

The leaves are beginning to turn

Not like the colorful fiery beauty

of the North East but changing


As they fall and gather in drifts

the wind occasionally catches them

Sending a flurry from trees and ground

along the ground and down the lane

near my home

This sound is like none other…

When I have my back turned

or close my eyes these leaves

sound like swiftly running water…

or a waterfall cascading over

rocks and down an unseen stream

As I sit in the late afternoon

golden light doing more musing

than reading

A lone copper leaf flutters down

landing on my open book

Not a usual leaf for my neighborhood

which is filled with oak and pecan

but …

a lone rogue maple

brightly colored and perfect

makes its appearance like an

autumnal offering to the

Sun God …

A gift that was shared with me …

Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie


2 Responses to Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 2.7 – Falling Leaves

  1. artifiswords says:

    I love the rustle, sometimes even a clatter, of leaves being blown along the ground…until i have to rake them in the wind, and they don’t stay in the pile.


  2. bbeyes4 says:

    I love this Annie! What I beautiful visual.. sight and doing!


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