Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 22

Look at the picture. Who is the girl? Why is she wearing a red ribbon tied in the back? What is her story? What happens next?

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

The Ribbon Mystery

On a long car trip to visit out-of-state grandparents, my older cousin tried his best to keep me entertained. He was artistic, had a way with words, and always made me laugh.

The car was packed … my dad driving, my uncle and other cousin all in the front seat. In the back, my mom, aunt and cousin fill the wide comfortable seat of cars made during the 50’s. Me, well I had no seat of my own. I sat in the floor or was passed between my aunt and mom until one or the other needed a break from my wiggly four-year-old self being on their lap.

It seems we drove straight through from Texas to Alabama. I don’t remember stopping for the night. I do remember we brought food and snacks to eat along the way. Never stopping mind you until it was a dire emergency for me to have a potty break.

Somewhere the way, I must have been extra wiggly because my cousin started a story that held my attention for some time. It was about a girl with a red ribbon tied to her long slender throat that could never be removed. The miles flew by as his told the tale. I don’t remember most of it, but it was the thing horror movies were made of … or at least horror to the mind of a four-year-old.

The ending is what stuck with me then and now … more years later than I am willing to admit. The girl had been kidnapped, and tortured by an evil man. To make her completely dependent upon him, he cut her throat and tied on a red ribbon to hide the horror. To further entrap her to him, she was told to never touch the ribbon, not attempt to untie the bow … if she did either her head would fall off and she would be dead.

Now … in the mind of a child that ribbon was all that held to head to her body and kept her alive. In my adult mind, I know that of course was a horror story and a ribbon could not do these things … or could it?


Copyright © 2016 Annie Original NonFiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie



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