Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 33 – Which Realm…?

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

Prompt for the week of March 20, 2016 –

Using the above picture as your inspiration, which realm or realms would you choose?

Which Realm … ?

My first instinct went immediately to the “future of the world” … but do I really want to know? Then, I thought, wouldn’t it be especially handy to have the “key to unfailing magic spells”? But, then I remembered that whole what you send out you receive three-fold law of nature … and not all magic spells are positive … so I scratched that one off my list. Even though I am a peaceful soul by nature and look at all things in a positive light, there could be in a weak moment that dark temptation to do something evil if I knew it would not fail … I don’t even want the possibility of that a choice in my life.

The above realms all have their individual attraction and in turn their cautions … as individuals we must be responsible to the universe and be careful what is sent and what is received due to our individual intent. I made a promise to myself recently that I would be more intentional in all things this year. This makes me more aware of what I say, do and even feel in regard to my life and the lives of others. Does that make me a goodie goodie? No, it makes me the person I have always needed to be … a person who takes a stand for myself, for my beliefs, and for the special people in my life. Because of this, some people in my life are not adjusting well to the ‘new me’.

So … with much deliberation … the realm I choose is the last one … the one on the bottom row on the right … all of natures magic. This to me is the true path to my personal enlightenment, to growth, to becoming the best ‘me’ I can be with having all the resources of nature at my fingertips. For me, I have to be in a constant state of growth, wonder and exploration. The Magic of Nature is my perfect fit!

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