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Welcome to Annie’s Texas Musings

This is a site for me to share a little bit of everything. Some of the content will have a Texas flare. Since I am a very eclectic blogger, there is no one theme for this site. My basic Muse is Music, therefore, every blog may have a comment about the music I was listening to during the writing, or music that was my inspiration. Annie’s Texas Musings is a work in progress and so am I. The more I write, the more I discover and uncover about my self and my life as a Texan, the more things will change. Follow me on Twitter Annie @txstarkeeper.

I am currently moving all the posts I have done over a two year period to this site due to posting issues with my original Annie’s Texas Musings site.  This is a work in progress and original posting dates will be added to the bottom of each piece I post. Each piece is copyright protected.

My friend Heidi Barnes has four books in her series titled Obsession. Scroll to the book cover to go to her website for more information. These four book should be on your reading list…you will not be disappointed. Heidi’s book are available in paper back as well as Kindle format on Read my reviews on



Heidi Barnes
has a riveting series of love, intrigue, and suspense.

Book 1: Obsession
Book 2: Seduction
Book 3: Deceptions
Book 4: Absolution

These books are a must. You will not be disappointed.


A Little About Me

One of my passions is writing: poetry, micro poetry, flash fiction. Micropoetry containes 140 charaters or less to allow a Twitter post. I find this a challenge to be able to create a poem in just a few words. Below is an example.

Momma said ~ be strong ~ independent ~ and loving ~ always a Southern Lady first ~ but there will be times ~ even a Lady just has to ~ CUSS

I also have an ebook available that is being published in installments.  Here is the information about the first installment.

Source: Beth Kragie Photography

Source: Beth Kragie Photography

Stars Fell Down by Annie

My very first ebook publication: Stars Fell Down by Annie
Look for it on – Kindle Store.

Yes…I know, where is the next installment? It is coming as soon as I figure out (Texas term for decide) what to do with a character that just will not behave. I am not a violent person, but killing a character off this early in a book just does not sit well with me!

So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to read what has been on my mind today or yesterday!

Update – November 30, 2015

Source: Annie's Images

Source: Annie’s Images

An Echo in Time:  Poetry Across the Ages by Annie

My first poetry chapbook is currently available for Kindle – It will soon be available in print form with some bonuses not included in the Kindle book.

Both formats are available on

Since I began this website, I have become the Contributing Editor for Downtown LA Life. This is along running international online magazine which I am honored to be a part of each month. I have a section for short stories and poetry as well as a food column called Kitchen Poetry. Both may be found at

Look for a cookbook by the end of 2016 from this column … at least that is my plan!

Update – December 29, 2015

I am a bit late in this update. For me, time has a mind of its own these days and before I know it the day is gone without anything planned for the day getting accomplished … so, I begin a new day and hope to get a bit more done!

Not long after the November update, I published a small book of short stories that were featured monthly since I began writing for Downtown LA Life in late 2014. This has been such a wonderful adventure and an amazing community of artists to be included with each month and a place for me to share my writing.

Below is my short story book which can be found at in both paperback and Kindle format. It is my plan to publish a volume of my short stories each year after they have been published … so about this time next year there will be another small short story book. At some point, I will publish a volume of the poems posted each month as well … perhaps when the next short story volume is completed toward the end of 2016.

Source: CreateSpace cover creator

Source: CreateSpace cover creator




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