Stink Eye

Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

Stink Eye

It is the middle of February and an unseasonably warm 80 degrees … cooling outside, but inside it is still 80 and my ceiling fans are buzzing. I refuse to turn on the AC in the middle of winter — no climate change my ass. The fan in my bedroom has a rattle and shake as it spins the almost cool air around the room. This noise keeps my much-needed nap from going into the deep black water of sleep, to one floating just below the surface … being aware of every thing around me. I must have napped a bit because the kitchen timer going off startled me awake.

Mama Kitty is giving me the stink eye from the far corner of my bed. The corner that sits next to the wall so she can make a quick get away if she thinks I will try a sneak attack with the medicine syringe. She has picked this place as ‘her spot’ the past several days. This spot is preventing me from catching her for the daily dose she is supposed to receive. I have only been able to get the antibiotic in her twice in the past week and a half … two out of 9 isn’t bad, but it isn’t helping either. We were supposed to visit the vet three days ago for her monthly steroid injection … but that still hasn’t happened. Crossing my fingers I can get her there tomorrow sometime or Saturday morning. Hence, the stink eye she keeps giving me when I get anywhere near her personal space.

Six pm and night is quickly approaching … going from afternoon bright to deep purple velvet twilight in less than forty-five minutes. This is also the time when my barn cats begin gathering at the backdoor demanding to have their second meal of the day. The pampered house cats also know what time it is and demand their own supper. Picky damned beasts … Mama Kitty has had issues with her throat and mouth so is being pampered a bit … canned food that only gets a nibble, but the gravy is slurped up with gusto. She also gets a fifty cent sized portion of fresh ground hamburger…and if she eats nothing I break out the canned tuna or salmon. I think she sneaks a bit of dry food during the night because she hasn’t lost any weight during our ongoing medical battle. The two Tuxies get fresh cooked chicken. Spoiled, yes, but they have digestive issues with commercial wet food and both would starve to death before they touch dry food. The final keeper of my soul is a confirmed dry food nibbler. I put fresh crunchies in the bowl that stays out 24/7 and is shared with Mama Kitty. He is a happy camper with that, yet he does lick the bowls used to feed chicken to the furry vampires when they finish eating. I guess that is his personal version of a kitty dessert.

As I walk through the door to face the night, Mama has a new position in the living room still giving me the Stink Eye!

Copyright © 2016 Annie Original NonFiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie




3 Responses to Stink Eye

  1. artifiswords says:

    Cats are great people no matter what. Like this.

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