Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 24

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”

~ Brene Brown ~

I picked this picture a while ago … then to today I found the above Brene Brown quote. I really enjoy her books and this one is perfect for this picture.

Using the picture or the quote or a combination of both, use flash fiction as your response. I can see this taking so many different directions! Enjoy!

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

To Follow the Light

Rose loved the night. Most people have a bit of fear when darkness descends, but that was her perfect time … the time she felt most herself and most secure. Part of her nightly ritual was to walk alone in the woods behind her house. That was her special time. A time to think, to dream, to let her mind wander to places unknown that lead her to some amazing art. She never knew what would result from her nightly wandering … perhaps an abstract canvas, a poem, a story, or even now and then a piano composition. The woods at night were here inspiration, never her fear.

Lately, she thought there was an odd usual light shining through the trees, but she never really had the time to follow it, to find out where it began, and why it was showing itself now. One night, she thought, I will make the time and follow the light. Just as darkness was a support and comfort so was light … not bright harsh lighting in most homes and buildings, but soft diffused warm comforting light of a muted lamp, a candle glowing, or even a lantern in the distance.

Rose always thought she had been born in the wrong era … she longed for that simpler time when homes were not electrified and as darkness fell the lamp and candle lighting ritual brought a peacefulness to the home … the family. She was what she referred to as a low light level person and never used overhead lighting, harsh bulbs, or bright lights. Give her a room with a soft lamp and candle light and she was in here element. What others thought of as dark and depressing, Rose felt warm, safe, secure as thought the soft light wrapped a gentle blanket around her.

It was one of those rare moonless nights but the stars were low enough to reach out and touch … giving her the soft diffused light she loved for her evening walks. Breathing deeply, she stepped off the back porch and bathed in the star light. Standing barefoot soaking up energy from not only the ground but the sky … the universe coursing through her from all directions. Suddenly she knew … tonight was the  night to follow the light in the woods if it appeared. Tonight she would find the source, the place of the lights beginning, its home.

Sometimes Jack, her loyal dog walked with her and tonight was one of those nights he was right next to her left thigh … protecting his human, following her lead, and eager for adventure. He knew the way well and bumped her leg as if to say, “It’s time.”

Looking down into his smiling face, Rose said, “You are so right!” “Let’s go … let’s see what we find … where the light leads us tonight!”

Familiar sounds, smells and sights greeted the two as they stepped into the cover of trees and walked deeper into the woods … her woods … their woods. Following a well-worn path that took them to the clearing where a natural spring bubble and gurgled into the night air, the light was not there. Maybe Rose forgot where she actually saw it on the last walk where it caught her shining in the night.

Jack decided he needed a drink and it was a good place to stop and just reach out and feel the Universe … commune with nature and refresh her soul. Jack had his fill and stretched out for a tummy rub and ear scratch … neither in a hurry to continue or return home. As she sat on the flat rock jutting over the spring, Rose caught a twinkle between the trees just to her left. Was that the light? She had never seen it at the spring before, but maybe she had never paid attention when she stopped here before. The spring was not always on her nightly walk, but tonight Jack seemed to make a beeline for that clearing and she followed his lead.

Suddenly, Jack rolled over and took her hand gently in his mouth giving a gently tug as if to say, “It is time. Let’s go and find where that light is coming from!”

Tucking her left hand under his color, Rose let Jack take the lead. He alternately sniffed the path and stopped looking into the darkness where the light was now shining steadily. They had never walked this path, but it was smooth and clear with no limbs or vines to keep them from walking into obstructions. The path widened and turned into a huge meadow. Rose knew this was no longer her land, but felt she was welcome to continue.

Jack stopped and raised his head to sniff the night air. Suddenly, she smelled the sweetest honeysuckle wafting toward them … almost intoxicating in its scent. Gently, loving, and beckoning them to follow not only the light, but the scent as well.

Soon they had crossed the meadow and found a small stand of trees with a cabin lit with only candles. The source of her mystery light. Who lived there?  Would they be welcome? Only one way to find out … they stepped onto the tiny porch and now heard a song so like the sound of a running brook that both dog and woman looked for flowing water.

Looking carefully into the open door, Rose saw an inviting room with a fire in the corner.

“Come in my dears,” the voice invited. “I have been waiting for you.”


Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Flash Fiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie


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