My Star

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

I love ink…admire beautiful skin art…tattoos amaze me and yet scare me just a little.

I lust after one or maybe two tattoos. At least one, a small delicate star just above the ankle on my left foot. I have been told that area is one of the most painful for a tattoo due to little fat under the thin skin covering bone. I still want one…but I HATE needles and pain…but…I still want one.

The second tattoo would be a spray of stars something like Kat VonD’s stars on the left side of her face playing around her eye. No, I do not want a tattoo of any kind on my face, and I don’t know where I would put those stars, but I want them just the same…I HATE needles and pain…but…I still want a spray of stars. They are delicate, feminine and just a tiny bit sensual.

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

This is what I want…really nothing like Kat’s, but I love this star arrangement. I want this somewhere on my body…I HATE needles and pain…but…I still want these stars somewhere.

Maybe if I found myself in California one day, and all the planets, Moon and Stars were aligned just so I would have the courage for these two tattoos. If I found myself standing in front of Kat’s shop…and…she was there…and…she had an opening…I would be brave enough to get them both from her artistic hand. She could even help me decide just where to put my Spray of Stars.

During this Writing Practice, a piece of micropoetry came to me. It is written below.

My skin craves ~ ink ~ a delicate star tattoo ~ placed just so above my left ankle ~ my skin hates pain ~ what am I to do?*
Always, I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE.

As Ever, Annie
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First Posted 2/24/13