Another Day in Paradise

This post was written 12/28/12 and posted that day on my other blog site I have modified it a bit for today, but it is mostly the same post as the original in December.

“One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living.” ~~ Dale Carnegie

I don’t know why, but I seem compelled to post daily while I am off for Winter Break. I really have nothing to write about today, as most days and went back to the blog I began in July. A blog that was never shared with anyone…so…I don’t know if it really be called a blog. Nevertheless, I am slowly moving some of my ramblings from there to here.

My writing has always amazed me when I go back and read something written months or even years ago. The handwriting is mine, but where did those thoughts, words, ideas, comments, etc come from…who really wrote this? Many times I have no recollection of actually having written what I am rereading. More recently, I have been writing quite a bit of micropoetry…some of these poems even looks foreign to me when I go back to the digital journal where they are stored. Weird right, well that is me…weird to the nth degree. Anyway, I am who I am, and people at this point in my life can take me or leave me, accept me as I am, because I am way too old to change for anyone…except perhaps myself if I so choose.

The post below was first written July 28, 2012 when I was trying to decide if a blog was something I wanted to do in my life. I got more serious about blogging during the Thanksgiving Break, so I guess I do want to blog after all. It seems that blogging is an outlet for many things in my life…creativity, stress, working on my every struggling writing skills, and something to share with like-minded people. I don’t have a theme or specialty like some of the blogs I follow. I write what pops into my head and go from there…hence, the Texas Musings handle for this blog.

‘Yep … caught in that old trap again … start something, but do not carry through as planned. Have not posted since 7/16/12…it is now 7/28/12. Where did the time go? I know that three days were spent planning for a workshop I will be presenting in August and attending workshops. Last Friday, 7/20/12, was spent buying the car I had been looking for nearly a year. Not a new car, but a second car. One I know is dependable if the G6 decides to give up the ghost suddenly one morning when I am running late to work. One that has room to ‘haul’ something that would no way fit in the G6. One that is what my Dad would call my “Sunday Car”, not something fancy, but something that is only driven occasionally. A car that is available when I plan a shopping trip that will require room for purchases that the G6 could not possibly have room for those purchases. I found that perfect car right in my own backyard so to speak, the night before I sealed the deal. This little gem had everything I had been looking for that the others did not…the main thing being a sun roof. When I saw that little detail, I was sold…the next morning I found the price to be right, the car drove better than expected and my credit union got me an excellent loan rate. That little “baby” was in my driveway before noon. All paperwork for loan was handled over the phone and online…easy peasy. Insurance bundled with the G6 got me a better rate for both cars than for the G6 alone. Finally, something going smooth and right in my life, since the week started out with my worst fears coming true…but that is a story for another time and space.’

In true Texas crazy weather fashion, in less than and hour we have gone from beautiful warm morning that reminded me of Spring, back to a cold, gray, gloomy day that will only bring a depressed attitude. Oh well, such is my life…very few highs, but an abundance of lows.

Musical Muse for this morning was provided by Jesse Cook The Blue Guitar Sessions.

Always, I wish you peace, joy, and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE.

As Ever, Annie

© 2013 Annie Originally posted 2/4/13