Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 26

Source: WeHeartIt

Source: WeHeartIt

Strange Connection?

Without even glancing at my watch, I knew it was 3 AM or very close … a few minutes before or after.

I felt them before sharing them. Why? How? That distinct swoosh, swoosh, swoosh of our wind farm turbine blades. Turbines I can see o the hilltop ridge at the end of my street. Turbines that during the day I see marching their way south along that same ridge, yet I have never actually heard them. That sound in the silence of the night. The Stillness of early morning matching the swishing sound of my blood as it makes the rounds of the super highway deep inside me. The turbine swoosh matching the resting beat of my heart.

What does it all mean? Every time I wake to those sounds in the deep night silence, my body doesn’t seem to belong to me. My feet up to the knees aren’t paralyzed, yet … they feel strangely detached like the phantom of an amputated limb. My hands tingle and slowly ‘wake’ up as though I have slept ‘wrong’ … but, I always wake up flat of my back and unrestricted. My normal sleep position is on my left side with knees slightly drawn toward my chest. Strange …

Again I wonder how I can be hearing the swoosh of those turbine blades? I am miles from them and the silence of the night is deafening. Once, I braved the night when this happened…walking to the end of  my street in the dark heard nothing outside. Yet…I could clearly hear them inside … waking up from a deep sleep in my bed. I saw nothing during this walk, not even the ever-present red blinking lights to warn low flying planes of their presence as they march along the southern ridge surrounding our rural river valley.

These nights though disturbing are not frightening. They seem like a dream – something from my favorite childhood TV programs – ‘One Step Beyond’ and ‘The Twilight Zone’. Again, I ask myself how? … why? as I get up, walk through the house, drink water, wander and wonder … wonder what it all means. The wake up time …the sound(s) … the feelings all overlayed by a deafening silence.

Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Flash Fiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie


3 Responses to Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 26

  1. bbeyes4 says:

    I just re- read your comments before your story, and for some reason I thought I saw the word lame. I’m an idiot! Your story is amazing as always!!


  2. bbeyes4 says:

    My response is up and ready on WP suzannevcarey.wordpress.com enjoy


  3. bbeyes4 says:

    Wow! There’s is nothing lame about this story!! Really well written!


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