Blue — the most amazing color in the spectrum — at least for me…from the deepest darkest midnight blue of my birthstone to the almost pale white blue seen in the early morning sky…when it is tinged with edges of pale pink.

Blue — the word that describes our deepest darkest emotion — like the midnight blue hue at the end of the spectrum just before black sucks it in with all of the other colors.

It is amazing that a lovely color can also describe the most painful parts of our existence when the world or people in that world get to be too much…that emotion…blue…depressed…the dark side.

My favorite color has always been blue. In my early teens I was allowed to redecorate my bedroom…blue of course. I could not wait to replace the mint green walls and ugly dark green linoleum. Those green walls reminded me daily of the medicine I had taken for a chronic childhood illness — the taste, the smell, the pain all rolled into that one color. To this day I have a very difficult time even looking at mint chocolate chip ice cream … even that brings back horrible memories of that green.

Redecoration and i was in heaven. Much time and care was taken in picking the exact wall color — somewhere between that clear azure of a cloudless summer sky and the cool waters of my local swimming pool. The carpet, yes finally something warm and soft for my bare feet on cold winter mornings was a deep royal almost midnight blue. Much discussion went into this choice, because like black it ‘showed everything’ making vacuuming daily a must, not an option.

As I write this piece on white journal paper surrounded by an aqua line border and a larger border reaching to the edges from the aqua line is pale blue accented with aqua and white polka dots…my favorite is still blue. That bedroom of my teen years still exists pretty much the same as it was when the remodel took place in the late 60s. I no longer associate the word blue with anything related to bad things, depression, mood swings, etc. That word is anything black, dark, grey — a color that truly describes my soul when SAD takes over and I am longer in control of myself or my life. NO…blue is not that word…it is too much a word that is related to all things good, fun, and the right side of my life to be tied to emotions that are anything less than positive.

Always I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE.

As Ever, Annie

First Posted 2/26/23