When We First Met

It was Thursday and I was minding my own business, going about my day checking things off the list of weekend errands to complete before the end of the day. My friend Jennifer and I were in the final planning stages for Sunday’s barbecue. This was to be a celebration of the 10 Year YaYa Reunion.

All four of us met the first day of our freshman year in college. We clicked…more like sisters than friends. All of us were from Southern extraction and identified completely with ‘The Devine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood’ book first then later the movie. We all identified with an individual character, yet never revealing just who our alter ego really was. For me, it totally depended on my mood and/or the situation. Anyway, we immediately vowed to create our own version of the YaYa’s.

Now, after ten years, husbands, lovers, kids, divorce, new loves or no loves later, we were all going to be together again. I have a catering business and Jen is in PR, so the party would be a total smash as everything ultimately is when we put our heads together.

The last item on my list for today was to purchase a new grill. Not just any grill, but the top of the line stainless steel grill of my dreams. I know that sounds like such a guy thing, but I am in the process of creating a state of the art outdoor kitchen and nothing but the best will do. That decision made, the kitchen eventual design would be dictated by the grill purchase. I knew exactly the one I wanted, so today would be the day to pull the trigger and hopefully…fingers and hair crossed…someone would be able to deliver it and have me up and grilling before Sunday. Yes, a tight turn around since this is late Thursday afternoon, but I was not giving up on my dream and I work best under pressure.

Walking in the store, I didn’t see any of my regular grill buds. Oh well, I knew exactly what I wanted and did not need a sales pitch or grill demo…that ground had already been covered. Robert would miss out on a commission, but that was not my problem as I went directly to the grills to be sure mine was in stock. Standing in front of my dream grill, I heard behind me, “That’s a lot of stainless steel for such an itty bitty thing. Are you sure this is what you want?”

Preparing to meet some uninitiated “Bubba”, I had a smartass reply sitting on my tongue. “Yes, this perfect stainless steel girl’s dream grill is not only what I want, but need!” I was fired up to begin my usual tirade when some guy took me for a delicate female. Who I saw when I turned around made me swallow all that nastiness before the words could spew from my lips. In front of me was someone I had never met, the name on his shirt identified him as Joe. Well, hello Joe, I thought!

“Don’t you think I can handle this beauty?” is what actually came out of my mouth.

“Sweetheart, I think you can handle just about anything you set your mind to!” Joe said with a crocked little boy grin. Oh be still my heart, I thought as I tried to not only remember how to breathe, but to put words together in a coherent sentence.

Just like that, my life changed, my world shifted, the ice prison in my heart melted, and I fell immediately and hopelessly in love.

Finally finding words, “You can find out just what I am able to do Sunday if you can deliver my dream, set it up and have me cooking by Saturday afternoon.”

Joe looked me directly in the eyes, “You are on! I love a challenge.” Turning, he looked over his shoulder, “By the way, I take my steak rare. We will have to test drive that monster before Sunday.” were his parting words.

Mouth hanging open in a most unattractive manner, I found myself without a quick retort for the first time in my life.

Copyright © 2013 Annie – Original Fiction
Always, I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie
Original Post 5/4/2013

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