Texas Nights

I am so very lucky to live in rural Central Texas, just on the cusp of the Hill Country. We have the luxury of being able to see the wide Texas night sky in all of its beauty without any diffusion of city lights. There are things in the night sky that always amaze me and cause me to stop and be humbled by this expanse of stars and planetary delights while the Earth is constantly changing.

The following poem came to me one evening last week as I returned from the barn. Each morning and evening, I take care of the hellcats as I call them who live there and keep my property varmint free. Both times of day are dark, and I get to enjoy the sky view when I let myself take the time and not rush to return to the warmth of my home.

Texas Night

The stars are at their best tonight
A half Moon riding high
Presiding like the
Queen of the Night
She is

Orion standing guard
In all his glory
Belt buckle
Polished and
Brightly Shining

Not to be outdone
The Big Dipper
And it’s younger sibling
Are Gracing the
Northern sky

Each Constellation
Blankets the sky
Providing the
Best night time
Show for everyone
To See

©2013 Annie

Always I wish you peace, joy, and happiness, but most of all I wish you LOVE. Get out in the country and enjoy the night sky!

As Ever, Annie.

First Posted 2/18/13