Writing Outside the Lines – Challenge 18

Writing Outside the Lines – Challenge 18

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

This prompt for me was the most difficult because I could not pick only one of the things in the picture above. I need them all … all the time … and such is the way of my life. Hence, the reason I am responding late to my own challenge.

Today is the three-year anniversary of the needless, senseless death of 26 innocent children and adults during the Sandy Hook massacre … nothing has changed … individuals with some sort of ax to grind can still too easily get their hands on guns (legally purchased or not) and  take out their hate on individuals that have nothing to do with what causes their hate. I will not continue to rant for this post, but will provide a link to another posting I did earlier this morning.

Read if you choose … ignore if you choose … that is the right of every American … at least for now.


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