Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 2.10 – MAX

Source: WeHeartIt

Source: WeHeartIt


Hey there! Remember me from a while back when I told my story along with my human John and our new friend Joe? Well … here I am again.

John is very busy today and is stressed over a big deadline that is looming over him. He knows that walking with me is the highlight of my day … his as well, but he just cannot let go of a minute today and maybe even tomorrow for us to have our walks. Not being able to get outside with me is adding to his stress. I am cool either way since I love our walks, but always thought of them as more John’s walks to write stories in his head. Maybe I am wrong … but what do I know since I am only a dog.

I am enjoying a nice nap in a spot of sunshine under John’s desk when he suddenly jumps up and races to the phone. John rarely calls anyone so I am a bit scared by this behavior. Being the nosy dog I am, it was my duty to go into the kitchen where the phone hangs on a wall beside the refrigerator. Yes … I am a dog, but I know the important human words! Anyway, John is talking excitedly to someone on the phone. I can only hear his side of the conversation, but I know it is a good call.

Hanging up, John scratches me behind the years and tells me that Joe will be by soon to talk me for a walk. YES! I love Joe and begin alone with him for a walk will give me time to get to know him better.

To show my excited approval, I jump up and lick John on the nose … then went to the door and took leash down from its hook to wait for Joe at the front door. Several minutes later there is a knock and Joe is there for us to take a morning walk.

John explains to Joe that he is fighting a huge deadline and may impose on him to walk with me this evening and perhaps tomorrow as well. Joe expresses his excitement to be able to walk with me and suggests that he just do the walking time until John has his deadline met and ready to have time to devote to our walks. I say our walks because we always pick up Joe when we pass his house on our daily walks.

Joe takes my leash and snaps it in place as we walk off the porch to begin our morning walk. He looks at me and says … “Max, We are taking a new route this morning for our walk.”

Hey, I am a good dog who loves to walk so the route doesn’t make any difference to me since I love to get outside and enjoy having time with my humans. Instead of turning right outside our gate, Joe turned left. I don’t remember ever going this way with John. We always turn right and take the lane to the little lake about a mile away, so I was excited and curious to go left with Joe. Like John, Joe is a man of few words so we just walked quietly and soaked up the early autumn sunshine. After 15 minutes or so we came to a huge field ringed by trees. I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw what Joe pulled out of his backpack. He brought me to this amazing place to play Frisbee with me. Joe knows I love to run, but John only throws sticks for me to retrieve.

As Joe unclips my leash, I am dancing only as a happy dog can dance waiting for that Frisbee to fly. Yes … I know what one is and how to run and try to catch it … I do watch TV with John and have seen dogs do this very thing. Now it is my turn and I hope I don’t disappoint Joe by not being able to catch the Frisbee.

We settled into just the right place in front of the stand of trees and Joe looked and me, raised one eyebrow and tossed that wonderful Frisbee. I ran my heart out and got ahead of it just in time to jump in the air and catch it. Oh … what a wonderful feeling. I took the Frisbee back to Joe and he threw it in a different direction … again I was able to be in the right place and position to catch it.

We played for some time and Joe realized I needed rest and a drink. His backpack holds the most amazing things. He brought out what I thought was another Frisbee, but it was a collapsible bowl he filled with water for me to drink and cool off after our play time. Joe also enjoyed water from the bottle he used to fill my bowl and we both stretched out in the meadow to watch clouds and rest.

I took the opportunity to snuggle up to Joe because he looked lonely and I knew he was thinking about his lost family. He hugged me to him and softly cried as he snuggled into my neck. I let Joe have all the time he needed to cry and hug me knowing he would let me know when it was time to go home.

Soon, Joe packed up our gear and we started the walk home. I had the freedom of no leash but instead of running ahead and sniffing out all the new area I stayed by Joe’s side and we walked with his hand resting lightly on my head.

John needed his time to work but knew I needed my time outside. He also knew that Joe would enjoy alone time with me. I think Joe is beginning to heal, but while we have our alone time walks, I will be there for him to hug, snuggle, or just sit with as often as he need to for him to heal.

Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Fiction
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie


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